Express (UK) – Weimers, Huhtasaari ja Kofod: Älkää antako EU:lle enempää valtaa

MEPs from Sweden, Denmark and Finland have teamed up in the latest blow to EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and her allies in the eurozone, namely Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel, to call on their governments to stop further integration in the bloc.

Sweden Democrats MEP Charlie Weimers, Danish People’s Party MEP Peter Kofod and Laura Huhtasaari, True Finns MEP, are urging people to fight against the creation of a so-called United States of Europe.

In an open letter to their respective governments and citizens published in the Swedish daily Dagens Industri, the trio claimed their governments “know that the citizens of their countries do not want to increase EU power further”.

Lambasting EU chiefs’ plan to push for more integration through the Conference on the Future of Europe, the three MEPs said Stefan Löfven, Mette Fredriksen and Sanna Marin know that the exercise, sold by Brussels as an opportunity to listen to European citizens’ demands, will merely serve as a trampoline for a federalist agenda.

They wrote: “There is a historical parallel to this ‘Conference on the Future of Europe’.

“Twenty years ago, the Convention on the Future of the European Union was launched, which would make the EU ‘more democratic, more transparent and more efficient’.

“Former President Giscard d’Estaing chaired the convention and, without consulting the representatives of the European countries, presented a draft constitution for Europe that buried all traces of intergovernmentalism in the EU treaties.

“This was rejected in referendums, but returned in a form described as the Treaty of Lisbon.

“This too was rejected in a referendum in Ireland but after political promises were made the Irish voted again and the transfer of power was a fact.”

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Dagens Industri – Weimers, Huhtasaari ja Kofod: Älkää antako EU:lle enempää valtaa

De nordiska regeringarna vet att medborgarna i deras länder inte vill öka EU:s makt ytterligare. Det är hög tid att våra regeringar inser detta och för en gångs skull drar i nödbromsen innan det är för sent, skriver Charlie Weimers, SD, Laura Huhtasaari, Sannfinländarna och Peter Kofod, Dansk Folkeparti.

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Express (UK) – Huhtasaari: Suomen on lähdettävä imperialistisesta EU:sta

Laura Huhtasaari was speaking the day after Brussels was accused of trying to “bully” Finland into ratifying its £650billion coronavirus recovery fund amid suggestions the Scandinavian country’s legislature might refuse to do so. With a two-thirds majority required, Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin remains confident she will secure an agreement – but nevertheless sought advice from European Council’s legal team this week about what happens if it gets blocked.

Ms Huhtasaari, a member of the right-wing Finns party, is a staunch critic of the EU who believes her country should follow the UK’s example – and said the events of this week had reinforced her views still further.

She told “It is important to understand that the EU is an imperial project, which aims to impose centrally made decisions on all its member states.”

“However, the project about the creation of a real sovereign EU state is still incomplete.”

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New Statesman – Huhtasaari: Kansallisvaltio pystyy parhaiten takaamaan turvallisuutta ja hyvinvointia

“The nation state is still the political model that most efficiently guarantees the security and wellbeing of its citizens,” Laura Huhtasaari, a Finnish right-wing MEP who advocates leaving the EU, said in an email.

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Politiikkaradio: Nouseeko Eurooppaan hiilimuuri?

Euroopan parlamentti hyväksyi päätöslauselman WTO:n sääntöjen mukaisesta EU:n hiilidioksidipäästöjen tullimekanismista. Nouseeko Euroopan rajoille hiilimuuri? Mitä tuotteita hiilitullit koskisivat? Ajaako tullimekanismi EU:n riitoihin maailman kauppajärjestössä? Käydäänkö tulevat kauppasodat ilmastopolitiikan tunnusten alla? Julistetaanko EU:sta hlbti-vapauden alue? Vieraina ovat europarlamentaarikot Heidi Hautala (greens), Nils Torvalds (re) ja Laura Huhtasaari (id). Toimittajana on Tapio Pajunen.

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Express (UK) – Huhtasaari: EU on kyvytön ajamaan jäsenmaidensa etua rokotteiden suhteen

Ursula von der Leyen’s bid to block imports of coronavirus vaccine into Northern Ireland has badly damaged the EU’s credibility, and underlined why more EU27 countries should follow the UK’s example by quitting the bloc, a Finnish MEP has said.

Laura Huhtasaari, a member of the right-wing Finns party, made her remarks in the wake of European Commission’s decision to trigger Article 16 of the Northern Irish Protocol, prevented vaccines from crossing the border. The decision was reversed after furious protests from London and Dublin, with Ireland’s Taoiseach Micheal Martin admitting he had received no prior warning of what Brussels was planning.

Ms Huhtasaari, who has spoken frequently about her admiration for Brexit, said: “This is a healthy reminder of the fact that the EU is incapable of securing the interests of its Member States.”

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Express (UK) – Huhtasaari: Iso-Britannialla meni paremmin ennen EU:ta

Finnish MEP Laura Huhtasaari took to Twitter to share a video about the opportunities Brexit offers – including the chance to boost the UK’s steel industry. She wrote: “Before the EU, the British did better.”

Ms Huhtasaari’s tweet is her latest show of support for Brexit.

Speaking last month before Boris Johnson struck his trade deal with Brussels, the Finnish MEP hit out at the bloc’s stubbornness in negotiations

Speaking in the European Parliament, she said: “Why is the EU so unattractive that Norway and Switzerland don’t want to join?

“Why does the UK want to leave? Has the EU looked in the mirror to actually see what is going on?

“The UK has already concluded 60 trade agreements but it seems impossible for them to conclude one with the EU.

“They want to take back control of their borders, their laws and their fishing waters.”

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Express (UK) – Huhtasaari: EU:n demokratiassa vakavia puutteita

Finnish MEP Laura Huhtasaari argued “inspirational” Britain was “striving for more freedom and democracy” as negotiations over trade begun earlier this year.

She told Parliament that once the UK left, the “EU will never be the same again”, because Britain will “reach its full potential, and that will cause criticism against the EU in the remaining 27 member states”.

Mrs Huhtasaari added: “People are going to realise that the current technocratic EU is just holding us back.

“A truly sovereign state is able to decide on its own laws, taxes and borders.

“As a member of the EU, a nation state relinquishes these rights, which creates a severe democratic deficit.”

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Breitbart – Huhtasaari: Kadehdin brittejä, EU:n tulisi katsoa peiliin

Finnish politician Laura Huhtasaari told the European Parliament she envies Britain, and that the EU should “look in the mirror” to discover why it wants to leave and countries like Norway and Switzerland have no interest in joining.

“I am envious of the Brits because they can actually do something in the world now,” she told fellow Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), suggesting that the EU’s demand that Britain submit to EU rules interpreted by EU judges and continued EU control over Britain’s territorial fishing waters.

She said it should have been “obvious” to EU negotiators that the British would insist on being “free of the EU’s Court of Justice” because the point of Brexit was becoming “an independent sovereign state.”

“Why is the EU so unattractive that Norway and Switzerland don’t want to join?” she asked in comments reported by the Express.

“Why does the UK want to leave? Has the EU looked in the mirror to actually see what is going on?”

“The UK has already concluded 60 trade agreements but it seems impossible for them to conclude one with the EU,” she noted, because the EU does not want to let the British “take back control of their borders, their laws and their fishing waters.”

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YouTube – Huhtasaari: UK:lla on jo 60 kauppasopimusta

EU PANIC: “UK Already Has 60 Trade Agreements!”
MEP Erupts At Brussels Hardballing Over Brexit Deal

Laura Huhtasaari lashed out at the EU:s fear-mongering tactics in its negotiation with the UK, as she pointed out that the British side has “already concluded 60 trade agreemenst outside of the bloc.

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