Express (UK) – Weimers, Huhtasaari ja Kofod: Älkää antako EU:lle enempää valtaa

MEPs from Sweden, Denmark and Finland have teamed up in the latest blow to EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and her allies in the eurozone, namely Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel, to call on their governments to stop further integration in the bloc.

Sweden Democrats MEP Charlie Weimers, Danish People's Party MEP Peter Kofod and Laura Huhtasaari, True Finns MEP, are urging people to fight against the creation of a so-called United States of Europe.

In an open letter to their respective governments and citizens published in the Swedish daily Dagens Industri, the trio claimed their governments "know that the citizens of their countries do not want to increase EU power further".

Lambasting EU chiefs' plan to push for more integration through the Conference on the Future of Europe, the three MEPs said Stefan Löfven, Mette Fredriksen and Sanna Marin know that the exercise, sold by Brussels as an opportunity to listen to European citizens' demands, will merely serve as a trampoline for a federalist agenda.

They wrote: "There is a historical parallel to this 'Conference on the Future of Europe'.

"Twenty years ago, the Convention on the Future of the European Union was launched, which would make the EU 'more democratic, more transparent and more efficient'.

"Former President Giscard d'Estaing chaired the convention and, without consulting the representatives of the European countries, presented a draft constitution for Europe that buried all traces of intergovernmentalism in the EU treaties.

"This was rejected in referendums, but returned in a form described as the Treaty of Lisbon.

"This too was rejected in a referendum in Ireland but after political promises were made the Irish voted again and the transfer of power was a fact."

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